Microblading Prices

As Laura is an experienced Makeup Artist you can be assured that your Microbladed Brows will look absolutely perfect. Take a look at Laura’s Microblading pricing below.

Microblading Luxe Artistry Brow

2 hours



(VAT included)

This includes a top up session 4-6 weeks later.

Laura specialises in very natural Microblading using the finest blades and highest quality pigments giving you the best results possible.

During the appointment you will discuss exactly how you would like your brows shaped, based on your face shape.

Microblading Luxe FULL COLOUR BOOST

1.5 hours



(VAT included)

One session included.

A full colour boost is for Laura’s clients who have had previous microblading with Laura and have noticed the pigment is roughly 50% faded than when they were healed after the last session.

Oilier skin types will need top ups more regularly.

*Please note your complimentary retouch session is booked at the at the time of your first appointment, this is so we can pick a slot that works for the both Laura and the client. If this appointment is moved by the client for any reason to outside the 4-6 week time frame this will be charged at £95. The retouch session is to perfect the brows and to go over any areas that have lightened during the healing process. Its important to have this session within the correct timeframe to achieve the best results possible. If its moved outside the 4-6 week timeframe then more time must be spent on the brows and is then chargeable.